Restore Yourself!   A Handy Kit for Circumcised Men

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What is the Restore Yourself Kit ?

The Restore Yourself! kit is safe, painless, inexpensive, and produces increased sexual sensitivity in 30 days. Using the kit is simple and takes only a few minutes a day.

The Restore Yourself! foreskin restoration process uses the popular “T-Tape Technique.” A T-Tape is a paper “foreskin.” Once applied to the shaft skin of your penis, a T-Tape can be attached to an elastic strap that exerts gentle, continuous tension. This tension will gradually cause more skin to grow forward on the shaft of your penis, providing you with a new and permanent sheath of skin.

The Restore Yourself! kit includes quality materials to generate skin tension conveniently and consistently. All of the materials you need to start restoring come with this kit, including special tape, scissors, clips, elastic straps, and an excellent, illustrated instruction guide.

How Long Will It Take ?

The amount of skin originally amputated, the size of your penis, and your own consistent efforts will all determine how long it will take you to restore. The time reported varies widely. An optimal foreskin restoration might take three years. But the rewards will last the rest of your life!

You should feel increased sexual sensitivity on the glans of your penis within 30 days. It may take three months to see new skin. Within nine months, you will probably find that you can use your new skin to stimulate your glans.

The rolls of tape supplied with the kit will last two to three months. Additional tape can be purchased as needed. The total cost of foreskin restoration is about $140 over the course of three years.

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